Back Design Update...

We've spent some time fine tuning the elements that would make up the back design for the Whispering Imps™.  I wanted to represent the Imps in this deck the way Kellar had in all of his promotional posters (see example below).  They were secretive & mischievous and I thought this is how we should make them appear on the cards.  

I also wanted to somehow include design elements into the cards that were reminiscent of traditional playing cards.  Below is a rough sketch of our ideas.  

You'll notice the Imps on the sides of the cards are more playful, while the Imps in peeking out of the corners are more secretive.  The larger Imps in the center of the card are whispering to each other.  Amongst some of the decorative design elements we've placed a "WI" logo on the center top & bottom of the card.  It was the perfect, symmetrical, design element for that part of the card.

We are going to loose the decorative border and go with a solid line border instead.  Lastly, the white space will be filled in with either a starry or smokey background.

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