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Whispering Imps® | Wooden Collectors Set

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The Whispering Imps® Wooden Collectors Set is a culmination of over 4 years of designing and manufacturing custom playing cards.  Each limited edition set contains every original, first edition deck ever produced by Whispering Imps Productions from 2013-2015.  

The 10 decks included are proudly displayed in a custom designed, hand made walnut box. The Whispering Imps® Wooden Collectors Box features a plexiglass slide-top lid, perfect for showing off your collection.  Additionally, each box is laser etched with the Whispering Imps on each side and the Whispering Imps® logo on the top lid. On the bottom of each box is a laser etched numbered edition of 50 and signature of creator Chris Chelko.  

These highly collectable walnut boxes were each made by hand in San Diego, California in two sets of 25.  Each set taking just over 4 months from beginning to end to construct.  

Conceived: January 2015
Manufactured: Feb. - June 2015 (sets 1-25)
                         June - Sept. 2016 (sets 26-50)
Quantity: 50 (Limited Edition sets)
Dimensions: 5.25"(W) x 3.5"(D) x 9"(H)

Hand Made in the U.S.A.

1st Ed. Whispering Imps® Decks included:

  • Whispering Imps® Original
  • Whispering Imps® Special Edition 
  • Whispering Imps® Black Edition 
  • Whispering Imps® Private Reserve (Red) 
  • Whispering Imps® Private Reserve (Gold)
  • Gamesters Standard Red 
  • Gamesters Standard Black 
  • Gamesters Limited Edition Red/Silver
  • Gamesters Limited Edition Black/Gold
  • Gamesters Limited Edition Green