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Whispering Imps® | Workers Edition

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Designed to be timeless and elegant, the original Whispering Imps® were instantly welcomed by magicians around the world when first introduced in 2013.  Since then, they have made their way into the hands of thousands of magicians, card players, cardists and even network television shows & Hollywood films!


The Workers are the latest edition to the Whispering Imps® family.  The Workers are a reprint of the Originals with a few updates, enhancements and additions at nearly half the price making them more affordable to the working professional. 


Similar to the Originals, the Workers include a miniature version of the Harry Kellar poster that inspired this deck, along with its story.  The jokers have been simplified and the artwork enlarged to fit more of the card.  In addition to the original Ace of Spades being simplified and slightly enlarged, a modified version of the Gamesters Ace of Spades has also been included as an alternative giving the performer two style choices.

The jet black tuck box features the Whispering Imps® logo in a shiny silver metallic ink along with the iconic red imp whispering on the bottom right. 



  • 2 Customs Ace of Spades (Original and modified Gamesters)
  • 2 Custom Jokers
  • 1 Mini Harry Kellar Poster & Story Card

Tuck Box: Standard USPCC Tuck with Silver Metallic Ink

Stock: Embossed Bicycle Playing Card Stock

Finish: Air Cushion

Quantity: 4500

Print Date: July 2017

Manufactured by: The United States Playing Card Company