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Whispering Imps® | Original Edition

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The Whispering Imps® are an original deck of playing cards illustrated by Mark Stutzman and inspired by American magician Harry Kellar's 'Whispering Imps' poster from 1894, the same year The United States Playing Card Company was established.

It compliments these two American icons by merging Kellar's Imps and The United States Playing Card Company's Bicycle® Rider Back design into an elegant deck of playing cards.

Each deck comes with two custom Joker Imps, a mini Kellar poster and story card, and a special gimmicked card that allows for up to 3 very clever card reveals.

The faces have been recolored from the original face cards from the early 1900's.

Tuck Box: Premium Vellum Black Paper embossed with Red & Black Foils

Stock: Embossed Bicycle Card Stock

Finish: Air-Cushion "Magic" 

Quantity: 3900

Print Date: August 2013

Manufactured by: The United States Playing Card Company