The Whispering Imps® | "Gaff Pack"

"Gaff Packs" are two single playing cards that are specially printed by The United States Playing Card Company to accompany the Whispering Imps™ series decks.


Card 1

   Side A: Classic "Imp Red" with a new card reveal in the center.

   Side B: *Black Whispering Imps™.

*note the black side of this card is designed to be used with original Whispering Imps™ and has thick borders.


Card 2

   Side A: Classic "Imp Red" back with official Whispering Imps® logos.

   Side B: "Slick Black" edition back with official Whispering Imps® logos.

"Gaff Pack" playing cards are secured in a special red Whispering Imps™ envelope.

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