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Whispering Imps® | Executive Workers [LIMITED]

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This very exclusive and limited deck of Whispering Imps® was designed with elegance, class and sophistication in mind.  Printed by Clove St. Press in San Diego, the custom letter-pressed tuck case is made up of a heavy eggshell matte paper stock, hand selected and embossed to accompany the highly detailed artwork made up of beautiful rose gold foils and Pantone inks. By far the highest quality tuck box ever printed for the Whispering Imps®. Playing cards manufactured to the highest printing standards by the U.S. Playing Card Company. LESS THAN 500 MADE.


  • 2 Customs Ace of Spades (Original and modified Gamesters)
  • 2 Custom Jokers
  • 1 Mini Harry Kellar Poster & Story Card

Tuck Box: Letter-pressed premium Eggshell Matte paper stock, Deep Embossed Rose Gold Foil and Pantone Inks.

Stock: Embossed Bicycle Playing Card Stock

Finish: Air Cushion

Quantity: 480

Print Date: July 2017

Manufactured by: The United States Playing Card Company & Clove St. Press