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Whispering Imps® | Black Edition

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The same beautiful Whispering Imps® back design, now in Black!  The tuck box, familiar in design, combines qualities from both the Original and "Special Edition" through a very unique foil stamping process. The face cards are printed in a new color scheme, finished with silver metallic inks.  

New Features: 

  • Thinner Borders
  • Recolored Court Cards (enhanced with Silver Metallic inks)
  • Ace of Spades redesigned for the “Black Edition”
  • Double Backer
  • NEW Gaff Card (with new reveals)
  • Recolored Jokers (Imp Red & Metallic Silver)

Tuck Box: Premium Vellum Starfire Red Paper, Black Foil coating, Embossed Graphics, Black Ink printed on inside of box.

Stock: Embossed Bicycle Card Stock

Finish: Air-Cushion "Magic" 

Quantity: 5000

Print Date: May 2014

Manufactured by: The United States Playing Card Company


About The New Tuck Box

The “Black Edition” tuck combines key features from both Original & Special Edition Tuck Boxes.  Similar in appearance to the Original tuck, the new "Black Edition" tuck is fabricated using the same Red Starfire Vellum that the Special Edition used. The "Black Edition" tuck also gets specially printed graphics, artwork and patterns printed in black ink on the inside and is finished with a beautiful blind embossing on the outside. 

Perhaps the most unique thing about this new tuck is the glossy all-black foil exterior.  According to sources at the USPCC, this is the first time foil has been the used this way. The negative space in the foil exposes the red vellum through the black foil, thus creating the artwork on the tuck.